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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Aversion Theory!!

Thank you to everyone for your awesome support this past year. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Looking forward to a stellar 2021. Happy New Year!!!

New Aversion Theory single released!

***Out Now*** The new Aversion Theory track, Kingdom Of Disease, on Halo Askew Entertainment. Visit your favorite major digital music store and get your copy today.

Release date announcement!

The new Aversion Theory track, "Kingdom Of Disease", will drop on 9/4/20! 

Aversion Theory returns with a dark stomp through the proverbial swamp, touching on a topical subject, much in the way a Robert Rodriguez film would. Actually, you could probably put this track in any Rodriguez film and it would feel at home. Chugging guitars, harsh electronics, and an epic chorus make this a fun track. ~ Halo Askew Entertainment

New Aversion Theory track!

Getting the new Aversion Theory track, officially titled, "Kingdom Of Disease", sounding just right. And I have to admit I'm really happy with how good it sounds! Hope to get it into the hands of my Record Label, Halo Askew Entertainment, very soon. Stay tuned for a release date!

Aversion Theory on Bandcamp

As you may already know, Aversion Theory is on Bandcamp. But now all music is "pay what you want", and it always will be! If you wanna throw some cash my way that's cool, and if you can't, well that's still cool. Just enjoy the music!!!

Review of The United State Of Depression

Aversion Theory -"The United State of Depression"

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CD Review

This is the latest release from Jamie Robb Gibson and Aversion Theory. Aversion Theory, formed in April 2014, is the Alternative, Industrial, Rock, music project from former DeathMaschine and Suture Seven member Jamie Robb Gibson. He started writing the material for this new album back in 2018, and took his time recording it, because he wanted to make an album with a lot of depth. He re-recorded, edited, and tweaked the album until he was happy with it. He achieved his goal and made a pretty decent album.

It hits you from the first note! Really enjoyed the effects of the Guitar! Love the message and emotionally charged vocals, you can feel what he is saying.  "Tried to reason with myself, It pulls my soul from limb to limb, My mind is an empty life So selfish in my words are lies." on "I Lost You." The chorus is catchy and the words "I lost you," repeated to emphasize the anger and sadness! "Gone, gone, gone." This track deals with the old adage, don't know what you got til it's gone. Taking someone for granted and regretting it. DEFINITELY one of my favorites on the EP!! It has that infectious groove!! Great job!!! Loving it already!!! Damn great!!

This is a slower pace but still containing that element. I really can't say it enough that this is an AWESOME EP!! I love it when an artist will change it up a bit and do something unexpected!! Killer song!! A simple cymbal smash begins this tune. I love the slow grinding beat!! The track "Living" is another personal favorite moment! Hearing and experienced some new!! Just what the title says. Love life to the fullest and don't let anyone bring you down. I love the chorus" Living with pain. Living with sorrow.Living will be Living for you." The verses are very deep with intensity They just don't care.About a thing. They seem to wish.Harm on themselves.They understand.Just what it takes They make the rules.The want you there."

Very cool opening Guitar hooks! Love the chugging Bass hook!! I enjoy the low end!! Adds a punch to it!  Really came unexpected but I truly enjoyed it!

"Music Is Reality" The first verse is killer, 

I wish I knew. What you.Wanted from life. Everybody everybody reads my mind.Everybody everybody wants to find. Everybody everybody needs to see."  "Music is Reality" is stunning!! There is NOT a bad track on here!! You will definitely be dancing around and having a great time!! Nice chunky Bass lick!! Catchy chorus seals the deal for me "Music is reality.Music is reality.Music is reality.Music is reality." Music is life, it can bring so much joy. Nothing compares to music when it comes to emotions. For me this track stands out! Just something about it really grabs me!!  "I Was Never There" Jaime's intense verse with "Trust in no one. That meets your life. There was more. Than meets the eye. Fall from Grace. Til the end of time Would be. My repent." The convincing chorus " I was never there. I was never there.I was never there. I was never there." Complete denial!!  A sad song, depicting how one can be present, but not really there mentally. Definitely getting ready for another incredible track. Another reason why you need to check out this EP!! It's definitely an amped up song! The lyrics really are more emotional charge with complete conviction! Another fav of mine! Don't let the title turn you off! There's a deep meaning behind it!! "Suicide (You Will Cry)" This track deals with how selfish it is to take your own life, and how shatters the lives of those left behind. "Crushed by fate.Then feared by love.Spineless people.Filled with hate." and "Dead inside. When you wake. And you realize. Moving on. To a better way."

Again thanks again for your help and support Jamie!! This is an OUTSTANDING CD!! It WILL definitely get the blood pumping! You've out done yourself with this latest CD!! For more info, news, and new music, please visit their Facebook page and website and don't forget to pick up a copy of the disc. Thank you!!!


"I Lost You"


"Music Is Reality"

"I Was Never There"

"Suicide (You Will Cry)"

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Here's to a banner 2020!!!

Holiday Sale Extended

Due to such a positive response, the Holiday sale on the entire Aversion Theory catalog will be extended to 12/31/19! Click the link below to save big, and thanks for your support!

Aversion Theory on Audiosparx.

That's right, Aversion Theory has been added to the Audiosparx family. Aversion Theory music is available for film, television, in store play, and much more. Check it out!